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We traveled the west coast of the United States not to long a go, on Hwy 1 I believe. It was a great experience. We stayed one night at a motel south of Seattle Washington. This place was right on the coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Motel consisted of a bunch of individual cabins above the beach with fireplaces for heat, which came in very handy both for comfort and ambiance. My son and I walked the beach which was miles long and saw our first Walrus up close he was huge but unfortunately he was dead. The following morning we had a great breakfast and were on our way.

We meandered into many quaint little spots, but our final destination was Mount Hood. Now, this was an experience, we asked ten people were Mount Hood was and no one new. We finally wandered into a grocery store and found a girl that worked their part-time and she set us straight. I should give you a little back ground, this was in the month of May and very pleasant 70 degrees. We started to drive up the mountain which is six or eight thousand feet high if my memory is correct and about half way up it was snowing. Soon we could hardly see the front of our rental car with six-foot snow banks on either side of the road. When we reached the lodge the snow had beard the first floor of the lodge. They had a Quonset hut( about ten feet high) at the entrance to protect it from snow fall.

This place had been built by polish immigrant’s back in the 1920’s or 30’s as a make-work project by President Roosevelt. The place was about four or five stories high and the support logs on the first floor were about five feet thick, the place was a gorgeous structure.  This was the largest log structure I had ever seen.I think if my memory serves me right the logs were all tongue and groove a marvelous illustration of craftmanship.

The food and service was first rate and I would highly recommend this place to any and all. My son and I rented ski’s and skied for two days. I have never seen this much snow in May in my life. I liked the skies that I had rented so much that I ended up buying them, I still us these skis. Needless to say we had to leave after three-day stay. One last item, they served a breakfast dish that was made up of two large slices of home made bread with a wide variety of fruit, scrambled eggs bacon on the side with maple syrup delicious. They called it the Maple Log. We got the recipe.We drove back to Vancouver and then boarded a plane for Toronto and Burlington.

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